1. Who’s ready to make a St. Patty’s day craft project? I am! I am!


    A while back I told you that I was asked to create a project for the Kids Crafts 1-2-3 Magazine. I was so excited and proud as punch to show off my niece and her super crafting powers, so of course I said yes!

    I’ve been very patiently waiting for Valentine’s Day to get over with so I can show you how we made our St, Patty’s Day stick puppets. 

    Here’s what you’re going to need:

    - Peel and Stick Glitter Foam

    - Adhesive Wiggly eyes

    - Little puffy pom-poms

    - Acrylic jewels in assorted colors

    - Jumbo wooden craft sticks

    - Finger Paint or Tempra Paint

    - Rubber Cement

    - Large Wooden or black button

    - Ribbon

    - Scissors

    - Black Sharpie marker

    - Art Canvas paper (or white card stock)

    Now get ready to create your characters:

    Step 1:

    Take a craft stick and apply yellow paint in the center of the child’s hand. This will be the Leprechaun’s face. Apply orange finger paint on the fingers for the Leprechaun’s beard and orange above the palm and below the wrist for the hair. There is no need to paint the thumb.image

    Step 2:

    Place palm on the paper to leave a hand print  Press the middle of the palm down on the paper to make sure all the paint gets on the paper. Let dry.


    Step 3:

    Now it’s time to make the Leprechaun’s friend, Mr. Rainbow. Take another piece of paper and apply several different colors to make the rainbow pretty. Let dry.

    Step 4:

    Have an adult cut out a hat shape using the Peel and Stick Glitter Foam. Embellish with a ribbon for the hat band and a big button for the center. Stick the hat on a piece of paper or card stock and set aside.



    Step 5:

    Make sure that the hand print is dry and carefully cut out. Glue the hat on the hand print over the Leprechaun’s hair. Stick on Wiggly eyes and glue the pom on for his nose. Using red finger paint you can dab on a little fingerprint for his rosy cheeks. Draw on his smile with a Sharpie marker.



    Step 6:

    Have an adult cut out the rainbow. Stick on his wiggly eyes and draw on his mouth with the Sharpie.

    Step 7:

    To make the Pot-O-Gold, cut out a black pot from the Glitter Peel and Stick foam. Stick the pot on to a piece of paper. Take the yellow acrylic jewels (or whatever color you want) and glue the jewels on the paper over the pot. Once the glue has dried cut out the entire Pot-O-Gold.


    Step 8:

    Glue the Jumbo Craft sticks to the back or your puppets. Let dry. 


    Now you’re ready to put on a lucky puppet show with your new cast of characters! Have fun!! If you make this project, please let me know. I want to hear all about it and see your pics! 

  2. recycleandcreate:


    This is a ghoulish idea for the little kiddies and mummies. :) I found this great idea at  http://www.kinderart.com/seasons/cardboardtubemummies.shtml

    Grade: K-6   •   Age: 4-10  •  Written by: Amanda Formaro
    [Amanda Formaro is the crafty, entrepreneurial mother of four children.]

    These super cute and fun little mummies make great finger puppets. Make your mummy a girl by adding a simple ribbon or construction paper bow to her head!

    What You Need:

    • 1 cardboard bathroom tissue tube
    • 1 sheet white construction paper
    • Scissors
    • White craft glue
    • Color wiggle eyes
    • Glue stick
    • 1/2 sheet of black construction paper

    What You Do:

    1. Cut a small piece of black construction paper, about 2” x 1.5” and use glue stick to attach it toward the top of the cardboard tube. 
    2. Use white craft glue to attach wiggle eyes to the black paper. 
    3. Tear white construction paper into strips; reserve the end pieces with the straight edges to use at the top and bottom of the tube. 
    4. Use glue stick to attach the paper strips around the cardboard tube, overlapping as you go. Leave the wiggle eyes and a little of the black paper visible.
    5. Cover remaining area with white construction paper and voila!
    6. Tip: Colored wiggle eyes are available at your local craft supply store.
  3. alyssa-lilly:

    materials list:
    Water Bottle
    Construction paper
    Exacto knife
    (Just tossing some ideas around)

    The kids at my work next week are on spring break and my director likes it when I have an activity for the kids in the morning. So since the theme of the month is Mother Earth, I thought this activity would be fun. I also like it when the crafts can have some practical use.